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The UPDATED 2018 Referral Source Directory is available now! If you buy the book here on the website via PayPal Dr. Finnerty will send you the latest 2018 edition as well as an Excel spreadsheet with the names and websites of the companies in the directory (and any more companies that have been found since the printing of the 2018 edition)! Learn more.

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The Reviews & IME's newsletter comes out every Sunday morning and includes updates related to specific opportunities or jobs we may find out about. It also includes any relevant news items or resources that we may have found. If you have questions you are always welcome to reply to the email and ask Todd Finnerty, Psy.D., but a great resource is also available in the form of our growing community. The newsletter is written by psychologist Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.

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As a service by and for the Reviews & IME's community we're launching a free directory of file review consultants and professionals willing to provide independent medical examinations. Right now we're in various stages of piloting the software but you can check out our progress below and play with what we have here:

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As a service by and for the Reviews & IME's community we're creating a library of sample IME reports, sample file review reports and templates. You can see sample reports here. Would you like to contribute a sample report or template to the library? E-mail

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