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Welcome to a place for psychologists & physicians who are interested in learning more about medical records file review work and/or independent medical examinations (IME's). Congratulations! You're about to save yourself hours and hours of research looking for independent medical review companies and other companies who provide file review and independent medical examination referrals. You're in the right place. If you sign up for the Reviews & IME's email list you'll get a free sample of 10 referral source companies. If you look below you'll see where you can purchase a detailed directory of over 365 companies who provide referrals and non-clinical career opportunities. Thanks again for coming!

My name is Dr. Todd Finnerty and I'm a psychologist in Columbus, Ohio. In addition to authoring the free Reviews & IME's newsletter (and the annual Reviews & IME's book/directory), I'm also a file review consultant and perform a few IME's per month. If you have questions email me at or call me on my cell at (330)495-8809. I also know a large number of physicians from various specialties as well as psychologists and neuropsychologists. Some have given me their address for the mailing list so I'll know their location as well in case you're looking for a provider near them. I would be happy to help connect you with providers interested in performing file reviews and/or IME's. If you're a physician or a psychologist-- please join our free community (learn more below).

Psychologists & Physicians: Learn about work you may enjoy (and find hundred of referral sources here)

I write about medical records file review work and independent medical examinations. I personally specialize in file review on disability claims. As a child I liked puzzles; as an adult I get paid to solve them. I love what I do. In my work you first search out the pieces to the puzzle and then you get to put them together to create a clear picture of how someone is functioning.

A List of 400+ Referral Sources Available Now: Supplementing Your Income with Medical Records File Reviews and Indepedent Medical Examinations (IME's) 2018

This is your Little Black Book for success in Reviews & Independent Medical Examinations (IME's).

Would you like to learn about a great niche practice area for psychologists and physicians that is a great side-business to make extra money or work from home (ex: Summer; nights/weekends, etc.). There are also full-time, non-clinical career employment opportunities for physicians, psychologists (and even nurses and other mental health professionals like counselors).

This is your little black book for success in reviews and IME's; the book includes a huge directory of employers for non-clinical careers and referral source companies for medical records file reviews and independent medical examinations. The book is updated annually so that the directory stays fresh and current.

Do you want more independence with great ways to supplement your income? Do you want opportunities to work from home (a place where the company uniform is a set of pajamas)? The directory in this book is loaded with perfect opportunities for you; there are companies who want you to call them right now. The book offers an introduction to the many different opportunities in file review and independent medical examinations and provides profiles and contact information for over 365 different organizations you can work with. Open up your little black book and start getting referrals for medical records reviews and/or independent medical examinations now.

Get The Most up-to-date list of Referral Sources as an Excel Spreadsheet for just $69.95

By popular demand, you can now order a spreadsheet of referral sources and potential non-clinical career employers (and not the print or Kindle book). If you select the spreadsheet only option Dr. Finnerty will email you a current copy of a spreadsheet with 400+ companies on it.

Get a Spreadsheet emailed to you now for $69.95 here:

The book includes work from home opportunities for psychologists & physicians

This is my home office where I do some of my records review consultation.
The book includes lots of referral sources you can do from home or during times when you don't have a patient.

Are you looking for more independence?
Want a place where the "company uniform" is a set of pajamas?

My file review recliner and my assistant Calvin the Cat

Give a referral source-- get ALL of the referral sources

This is an ANNUAL publication that will be updated every year. When you get the list of referral sources/ potential employers in the book look them over. If you know of any companies or other organizations that belong in the directory please email that source or sources to I will then send you the expanded list for next year, with all of the new sources we've found together, for free. That way by giving a referral source(s), you get all of the new referral sources others have sent in for next year for free.

Our Referral Source List is More Extensive and Less Expensive

You may have heard about a big conference organizer called SEAK . They are offering a great service. We are not affiliated with them and do not currently organize live conferences. SEAK offers a once-a-year live workshop where you pay to travel to Florida and get a hotel and pay as much as $1,395 for the workshop. It is called "How to Start, Build and Run a Successful Disability and File Review Practice." Their CME workshop includes a list of file review referral sources. If you want to attend this once-per-year workshop that is an option for you. SEAK advertises a list of "100 prime referral sources for file review work" if you travel to their $1,000+ conference. However, you could also purchase the Reviews & IME's book and get an even larger list of file review referral sources and sources for IME's for just $99.95. Our list is more extensive and now has over 365 organizations-- that is like a referral source for every day of the year.

Are those online directories worth it?
I have no relationship to any online directory company. However, for example, a number of people have asked me if it was worth it to pay $495 or more for SEAK's file review directory. I think that is an individual decision. So many asked that I decided to send out a quick survey in July, 2016 of 500+ people listed on their directory. I asked them 3 questions. Here is the data that I got back so you can be the judge yourself.

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I'm a psychologist with 12 years of experience performing records reviews (I also still do a few IME's per month). I write a free weekly newsletter which is published every Sunday. If you're interested in medical records file reviews and/or independent medical exams subscribe to the free newsletter mailing list below; it is for you.

Optional: when subscribing to the email newsletter you can also add your mailing address for me to have. Sometimes I'm contacted by organizations looking for a physician or psychologist in a particular location. If I know where you are I can ask you if you are interested in the location-specific opportunities they tell me about.

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