Part-time and Fulltime Office Space Options for Reviews & IME's

If you're looking for somewhere to perform an IME or other examination but don't necessarily want to lease a full-time office (or you want to add an additional location) you have options. You can reach out to other professionals in your area to see if they would be willing to lease their space to you when they aren't using it.

Alternatively, you could consider going with a company that offers part-time office space. You might want to start by searching for the term "virtual office" on the web and include your desired location(s). You can also check out the locations that some of these larger companies may have near you. I don't specifically endorse any of these companies. The only company that I have any experience with is Regus (they are who I have my office with). I chose them primarily due to the convenience for me of where their office was located.

You could quite possibly get a full-time office from many of these companies as well. Truthfully, I now have a full time office at Regus. I like the convenience of just keeping my stuff there in the office and having the same office every time I go there.

One thing I like about Virtual Office providers in general is that I don't have to worry about employees. The various businesses in the office suite share the receptionists and they are the employees of the company that you lease the office from- not your employees. In addition, there are services like them answering the phones for you (and scheduling for you if desired). The office will have amenities like printing and WiFi and coffee and meeting rooms, etc. Each location will of course be different so you'll want to check out the locations for yourself.

The most useful thing about these companies if you're just starting out: you can pay for a virtual office address (and phone if desired) while you're credentialing with companies but not have to pay for a large lease for office space you won't be using. Then as needed you can rent an office at that address by the day and if you grow into more you can rent a full time office if desired.

Some Virtual Office Providers:

Please note, I may receive an affiliate payment from some of the companies below if you sign up through the link I provide. In addition, some of the other companies will give one or both of us a referral payment if you include my name and email address as the person referring you (feel free to enter my name and email address as the referrer on any website contact forms: Todd Finnerty

Alliance Virtual Offices

Alliance Virtual Offices (I have no relationship with them and haven't used them).

Allied Offices

Allied Offices (I have no relationship with them and haven't used them).

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions: note that I have an affiliate agreement with them and would earn a small fee if you sign up with them. I've never used them before though so I can't tell you if they are good to work with. See if they have a location that works for you and and then go in and check out that location and interview the people there.


eOffice (I have no relationship with them and haven't used them).

Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office (I have no relationship with them and haven't used them).

Office Evolution

Office Evolution (I have no relationship with them and haven't used them).

Opus Virtual Offices

Opus Virtual Offices


Servcorp (I have no relationship with them and haven't used them).


Regus is a large company that has locations around the world. I've used them for a few years now and don't have any complaints. Feel free to tell them I referred you by entering my name in the "my name" and your name in the "their name" spot on this form (or let me know and I will fill out the form for you). ;) I recorded a quick Facebook live video tour of my Regus office in the Crosswoods area of Coulmbus, OH on the Reviews & IME's facebook page:


WeWork (I have no relationship with them and haven't used them).
Do you know another company that should be here? Let me know and I will add it to the list (email

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