We're starting to build a free library of sample file review and IME reports and templates

Would you like to contribute a sample report or template? E-mail toddfinnerty@toddfinnerty.com. Please be sure all reports are de-identified and that there is no information in them that could be used to identify who the report was based on. Dr. Finnerty does not endorse every aspect of every sample report here, they are provided by members of the Reviews & IME's community to give you ideas for your own reports.

We'd like to see more specialties represented here. Also, if your company would like to provide sample reports or if you know of any links to sample reports online please feel free to pass them along.

I am still working on getting a few sample reports and templates uploaded that people have sent me as well as linking to some more that are online at other websites.

Sample IME and Peer Review Reports


Sample psych eval 1
Sample psych eval 2

Additional Specialties ex: cardiology (more sample reports desired)

Medical Necessity Review (redacted)
Sample Causality IME
Short-term disability (STD file review)

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