We're about to build a free library of sample file review and IME reports and templates

Would you like to contribute a sample report or template? E-mail toddfinnerty@toddfinnerty.com. If you contribute sample reports or templates prior to the end of June, 2017 Dr. Finnerty will send you the current copy of the Excel spreadsheet with the list of referral sources from the book on it. He will also add you to the list of people who get next year's Excel spreadsheet. If you are already on the list for 2018 he will add you to the list to get 2019 for free. Thank you for helping your fellow Reviews & IME's community members. No one will say that your reports and templates are perfect and no one needs to know they came from you. However, they will be something for people to look at to give them ideas for their own reports. Please be sure all reports are de-identified and that there is no information in them that could be used to identify who the report was based on.